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Vote to Advocate

Voting is more than picking a candidate.  Your vote advocates for your values.  For the Abrahamic religions, these values include stewardship of God’s gift of creation.  Learn the candidates’ positions on climate change and environmental issues, and make creation care a priority when you vote.  Your vote is your voice.  

Every Election Matters 

City and County Elections -  Think Globally; Act Locally.  We have the greatest influence within our local community.  In response to voters, cities like Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio are leaders in climate adaptation and reslience within Texas.  Vote for your community to join these leaders.

Primary Elections - Texas voting districts are drawn in a way that results in approximately 96% of the state legislature being elected in the spring primaries and their runoffs, not in the November election.  Texas Impact’s video explains this number.  Don’t leave your future in other voters' hands! 

November Elections - November is when you make your values known at the national level.  Vote for U.S. senators and representatives who will uphold your values when developing national policies for climate, energy, water, ecosystems, waste, and other environmental issues.

Resources for Voting

Voter Registration in Texas    

Find out if you’re registered to vote, and register if you’re not.  The application must be mailed or delivered in person.  It cannot be completed online.  Last day to register is 30 days before the election date.  Register now!   

Texas Impact Election Information

Where do I vote?   What form of identification is required?  What’s on the ballot?  Texas Impact has answers to these and many other questions. 

Knowing the Candidates

The League of Women Voters of Texas lists the candidates for elections and their side-by-side response to a few questions.  It’s a way to learn more about who’s running, find links to their webpages, and start thinking about who may share your values.  

The Company You Keep

One of the easiest ways to tell the candidates apart is to find out what “company they keep”—that is, to see what groups and influential individuals are willing to associate with them publicly.  Endorsements are a very public way in which an individual or organization puts their friendships and credibility on the line to support a candidate.  Texas Impact’s endorsement guide let’s you see which candidates are being endorsed by groups that share your values.