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Resources for Advocacy

Texas Interfaith Power and Light, as the environmental program of Texas Impact / Texas Interfaith Center for Public Policy, equips people of faith to advocate for a response to climate change and for stewardship of God’s creation.  This climate and environmental advocacy is rooted in the prophetic voice and justice principles of the Abrahamic faith traditions.  There are many ways to advocate.

  • VOTE -  Your vote advocates for your values.  Make a commitment to prioritize climate resilience and caring for creation when you vote.      
  • VISIT - Civic, state, and national officials create the laws and policies that impact climate and creation.  Learn their positions on clean energy and water, climate resilience, and other environmental issues.  Tell them how these issues affect you and why they’re important to you.  Let them know you that you vote your values.   
  • VOLUNTEER (Link to Resources Coming Soon!) -  Get involved in the change you want to see in your community.  This may mean serving on a board or stakeholder committee, rallying public support for an initiative, speaking at public meetings, researching options/resources for government officials, or reviewing and commenting on draft plans.  

HOT TOPICS need your advocacy now! 

Resources for Advocacy

Environmental Advocacy Workshop 

This 2-hr video is a Facebook Live recording of an advocacy workshop Texas Impact gave in Fort Worth.  It explains the way voting works as advocacy and teaches effective methods of speaking with elected officials during visits.      

Religious Statements on the Environment  

Find the words you need to explain how your faith inspires advocacy on climate and environmental issues.  Statements have been made by leaders of the five major world religions, as well as by leaders of many of the denominations and organizations within the religions.