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How We Can Help You Respond to Climate Change

We at Texas Interfaith Power & Light (TXIPL) want to support you and your faith community in efforts to create a sustainable world for all of us.  


We offer publications for use in your place of worship. For current informational materials about environmental concerns and ways to get involved, please e-mail us or call us at 512-472-3903.

We also offer two theologically-reflective publications for use in youth and adult religious education programs or study groups, or for individual reading. You can download these resources (below), or we can mail you printed copies:

To Mend the World: A Justice Framework for Creation Care.  Offers reflections from different religious traditions on scriptural interpretations of justice, the importance of God's creation, and our sacred trust.

Taste and See: A Justice Framework for Faith and Food.  Explores understandings about food as expressed in different religious traditions, including connections through food between people and the environment, people and other people, and people and God.

Teaching & Preaching

Our staff can come to you!  We regularly travel to meet with people in faith communities and in local interfaith eco-networks.   We also attend community events around the state.  If you’d like one of us to meet with your green team, teach a religious education class, or preach, please contact us to discuss details.

Several times a year, Texas Impact and TXIPL offer informative workshops in various places around the state.  Stay tuned to our website and to our Facebook page for details about upcoming events.