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Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Austin Houses of Worship

As part of Austin Energy's new rate plan, effective this month (October, 2012), Austin houses of worship will see some changes in their bills. On Wednesday, October 17th, Austin Energy officials held an informational meeting to inform the faith community about these changes. Learn more about the new rates here.

Along with new rates come new programs--including some energy-efficiency programs for houses of worship. New or updated programs include:

  • Load Profiler Subscription Free for One Year. This web-based, energy-monitoring program helps you better understand how and when energy is used by viewing your sanctuary's energy usage, peak demand, and power factor. This program is free for the meter attached to your sanctuary. Sign up for this program by December 31, 2012, in order to qualify for the free, one-year service.
  • Free Energy Assessment. Austin Energy staff will conduct a basic energy assessment of your facility free of charge, providing a customized report outlining energy-efficiency opportunities and any utility rebates available for energy-efficiency upgrades.
  • Small Business Lighting Program. Austin Energy now offers this program to all worship facilities. Austin Energy-registered contractors will perform a complete lighting audit of your facility and provide a comprehensive proposal outlining the cost of the retrofit project, the amount Austin Energy will rebate, and the anticipated energy savings.

Learn more about these programs here. We encourage all Austin houses of worship to take advantage of these energy-efficiency offerings from your local utility!

(Photo "Fluorescent Light Bulb" by User p.Gordon used under a Creative Commons-Attribution License.)