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What Are You Doing on October 5th?

All the Abrahamic faiths teach that creation is a Divine gift, and we are the stewards of this gift.  Faithful stewards act in ways that sustain the life and balance of creation.  Since all energy comes from creation, energy conservation is an important part of our role as stewards.  Energy Efficiency Day gives us an opportunity to pause, reflect on our stewardship of energy, and make changes to become better stewards.  The day is intended to:

  • Raise awareness of the energy issues we all face and what we can do to solve them
  • Help people save money through education on efficiency techniques
  • Unite people who are passionate about cutting energy waste

TXIPL’s Religious Resources offer reflections on creation stewardship for Muslims, Jews, and Christians, as well as followers of other religions. 

Blessed Tomorrow provides Ten Reasons why people of faith, because of our belief in stewardship and commitment to justice, are uniquely called to lead the world's response to challenges such as energy usage.   

What will YOU do for Energy Efficiency Day?

Opportunities for Action

☼ Participate in the Light Bulb Challenge at Home 

☼ Participate in the Light Bulb Challenge at Your Place of Worship 

Go a Step Further:  Collect LED light bulbs for distribution at a food bank or other center that serves neighborhood needs

☼ Implement Quick Tips for Energy Efficiency                        

☼ Try Five Ways to Save Energy 

Go a Step Further:  Mobilize your faith community to help low-income households in your neighborhood implement some of these measures 

☼ Use the Energy Star® Program for Congregations to improve the energy performance of your place of worship

☼ Join Interfaith Power & Light’s Cool Congregations program

Opportunities for Advocacy

☼ Share energy efficiency posts on your social media 

☼ Talk with your local officials about issuing a local proclamation for Energy Efficiency Day

Go a Step Further:  Also ask them to participate in the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy 

☼ Add your name to Interfaith Power & Light’s petition to save the Energy Star® program from budget cuts

Go a Step Further: Contact your U.S. senators and representatives and ask them to fund the Energy Star® program